Erasmus+ – Ausflug nach Rostock

We are one of those lucky schools whose projects have won! Now we have enough money to work on our project “A day in the life of…”. We will research the history and culture of Germany and Latvia – this is our partner abroad! We will look at the life of young people – the way they live, the values and interests they have, what they like and dislike. And we will speak English 🙂

“We are 12 people in the Erasmus course and we will go to Latvia in November. We want to get to know new people and learn about their culture and how differently they live. Also the Latvian people will come to us – to get to know us and our school. It will be a good exchange between the two countries.”

„Im neuen Nachmittagskurs „Erasmus“ planen und bereiten Schüler aus der 9-11 Klasse einen Lettland Austausch vor. Das Ziel ist es, z.B. die verschiedene Kulturen, Traditionen und Unterschiede der Länder kennen zu lernen.”

“In our course we: • learnt a bit about the culture and history of Latvia; • made videos about ourselves; • chatted with the people in Latvia on twinspace; • started to make a PowerPointPresentation about German history, politics and culture.”

„In dem Kurs lernten wir bisher mehr über Lettland und wir lernten Englisch. Über Deutschland haben wir auch was gelernt.”

“In the Erasmus course we have learnt a little bit about Latvia. It is very interesting because we go to some other places like Rostock, too. I’m looking forward to meeting the people in Latvia.”

“In the different English course named Erasmus, we have learnt a bit about Latvia. In a couple of weeks we are flying to Latvia and I am very excited about the trip.”

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